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Spooky family fun at Exodus! 

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Escape Rooms are an awesome experience for the family, friends, & co-workers this Halloween season!  Why?  Allow me to share!   Reason #1:  It’s that perfect middle ground between scary haunts and the kindergarten room w/ spider & ghost decor on the wall.  We bring just the right amount of mystery and suspense, without someone jumping out at you.  If you are one of those folks that don’t want to be unexpectedly scared or startled, or one of those that just might throw a punch if a scare-actor jumps in your face or touches you (lol)…then we are the perfect, big step down from that.  Like goldi-locks porridge, we are not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  There is something a little nerve-racking about getting “locked in” for an hour, and the timer ticking down while you try to escape.  However, at the end of the day, there

Grads About to Escape!


Grads About to Escape!   Whether it be their finals, the city they’ve grown tired of, or the clutches of mom/dad, one thing is for sure…Grads are ready to escape!   Some graduates are simply looking for an escape from school in general.  After 10 plus years of homework, quizzes and tests, they cannot wait to spread their wings and make their name on a career path.  This may include those like one of my brothers.  School wasn’t for him.  So the moment he could throw that cap and never look back, he was sprinting away from anything resembling a book, paper or a pencil!  On the flip side, this may include the Entrepreneurial types that cannot fathom the idea of wasting 4 to 5 more years at College, as that would simply put them further behind the 8 ball of launching their idea (or making money!)   Then there

Rancho Cucagmonga: Our Second Location


Our first location in Anaheim Hills opened in 2014 and OC was loving it so much that we wanted to share that joy with the Inland Empire.  Rancho Cucamonga called to us, specifically a beautiful outdoor mall called Victoria Gardens.   We opened that summer, off Kew Ave in Victoria Gardens, next to TGI-Fridays.  It was 2015, Cody Bellinger was only 19 years old and playing for the Cucamonga Quakes.  We called it “Quake Escape”, and it was the first natural disaster escape room ever launched in the US, with special effects and the whole nine yards.  We even had real glass liquor bottles fall off the shelves and break!  We wanted it as real as it could get.  (We later eliminated the breaking bottles as one day, a glass shard happened to bounce all the way over the bar, out into gameplay.  Nobody was hurt, but if you can

Nurses!  They care for us, AND they are crafty


It was just last week that I was at our BRAND NEW IRVINE location when I heard that familiar comment (several times I might add), “I had no idea what this was!”   We were hosting a large group of Nurses that cover the Orange County area.  A couple of them were retired and I have to admit, I love the fact that these ladies are such a close-knit group that they still invite their retired coworkers!  Reading the room, I would say their demeanor ranged from slightly nervous, to excited, to just happy to be out with the girls.   To help ease some of the nerves we started at the beginning with a little of our company history, letting them know we were the first escape room in Orange County and about the 10th in the entire US, but the location they were standing in was our latest

Exodus in 2022!


I know some of our staff want to know, I know many of our Fans want to know, Heck, even our Licensee & Vendors want to know… What can we expect from Exodus in 2022? Allow me to pull back the curtain and share a little behind the scenes with you! Last year, like many companies, we spent much of the year rebuilding our teams.  We also sold a location, opened 4 new experiences and modified 2 experiences.  It was a great year in terms of recovery from the crazy of 2020, however, it was also a year of strategy and conservative moves. This year, in 2022, it will be much more exciting!  Our Game Development department will be launching between 4 – 6 experiences.  Rather than sell locations, we have eyes open  for 1 – 2 newlocations.  We plan to give-away and donate over 200 tickets to schools, churches and people in need!  Finally, for the

Top 3 Concerns of 2022


I did not think that this would be an article that I would have to write.  However, one Monday morning marketing call made it clear that there are enough people out there that are curious if our experience is safe? Now you may be thinking, oh, this is a Covid-19 related article.  You would only be partially correct.  You see, it was not too long ago that the movie production The Escape Room, hit theaters, and of course, it is a horror flick.  Well, Exodus is not horror.  Lasty, there are those of you where the mere thought of being “locked” in a room just seems like a “hell no, we won’t go” moment.  That all being said, let’s address all three:    Lions, Tigers & Bears…Oh My!  (yes, Covid)  As one of the first escape rooms to open in the entire United States, we have seen the good, the bad

Olympus Raises the Bar

Olympus Raises the Bar!

Our newest experience, Olympus, has only been around for a short period of time, but it’s already claiming the spot of “Favorite Exodus Experience” by many of our clients! Here’s five reasons why this room is so popular: 1. Latest Escape Room Technology Olympus is our most high-tech room, with only one lock and key! So to those who appreciate modern escape rooms over traditional lock and key, you are going to love it! (For those who prefer an “old school” escape room with more locks and keys, try Elevator instead. It has a healthy mix of both!) 2. Special Effects! Thunder and Lightning! (Who doesn’t love thunder and lightning?!?) Zeus booming demands from above! This experience has lighting and sound effects that continually impress our clients. 3. The Underworld Need we say more? The most exciting part of the hero’s quest is always the moment they have to enter

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Exodus Rowland Heights – Sold!


Going Once?  Going Twice?  SOLD!!   That’s right, after five (5) years of serving Los Angeles County and the San Gabriel Valley market, we have SOLD our Rowland heights location!   We are going to miss the San Gabriel Valley, as we value the relationships that we have built in the community.  Over the years, we have partnered with Biola University on multiple occasions, been members of the La Habra Chamber of Commerce, worked with Noah’s Heart, and sponsored local soccer leagues on opening day.   This is not the first time that we have helped somebody pursue a dream of business ownership, and we could not have been blessed with a better couple for this location!  This husband & wife team (Jayden and Bonnie) are excited to bring some changes that will benefit the local community.  They are Chinese, and speak Mandarin, allowing them to serve a larger portion

Message From Our CEO


  Dear Exodus Fans, Friends, and Family: As you all know, businesses around the country are hurting right now.  In fact, yet another neighbor of our Anaheim Hills store just closed permanently.  This marks 3 just in our one little commercial center.  Sadly, Exodus is not immune to this, we are hurting too. Do you know what industry has received the most “Fan Support” during this mess?  I have a pretty strong guess!  I have stood by and watched as the restaurant industry received a mountain of help, as #ShopLocal & #ShopSmall movements really picked up steam.  I know this from first hand experience because my family also owns a Sandwich Shop.  I watched as the store neared closure, and then it all started with one post, then another, then a waterfall of positive comments and love.  Regulars and locals came out of the wood-works and swarmed the store for

Inside our Newest Experience! Winter Vacation


Has it been hard to remember that it is the “most wonderful time of year” when there is a pandemic going on? Well, I have good news for you; Christmas is not cancelled! Winter Vacation is bringing a well loved Christmas classic to life in Rancho Cucamonga and (hint hint)- Uncle Eddie may or may not be there.