Top 3 Concerns of 2022

I did not think that this would be an article that I would have to write.  However, one Monday morning marketing call made it clear that there are enough people out there that are curious if our experience is safe?

Now you may be thinking, oh, this is a Covid-19 related article.  You would only be partially correct.  You see, it was not too long ago that the movie production The Escape Room, hit theaters, and of course, it is a horror flick.  Well, Exodus is not horror.  Lasty, there are those of you where the mere thought of being “locked” in a room just seems like a “hell no, we won’t go” moment.  That all being said, let’s address all three: 


Lions, Tigers & Bears…Oh My!  (yes, Covid) 

As one of the first escape rooms to open in the entire United States, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  And the ugly usually have three things in common: “Do not touch” stickers, poor customer service, and/or coming out of the room with black fingertips because you were searching a room that hadn’t been cleaned since before they opened!  So what am I telling you?  I am saying that we’ve been cleaning our rooms, our props, and yes, even our door handles, since before covid cleanliness became a thing!  

Lastly, ever since these lockdowns started happening, yes, you will be in a PRIVATE room with just your group.  So, no matter which way you look at it, you’ll get a CLEAN and SAFE experience :)


Escape Room Movie…Versus…Exodus (a real life escape room)

I want to set the record straight right off the bat:  Exodus is a FAMILY FRIENDLY escape room, no horror, no blood/guts, and no actors chasing you down.  

Now, there are alot of people out there that absolutely love horror.  I went through a phase where I enjoyed it too.  To this day, Carpenter’s original Halloween with Jaime Lee Curtis is a must see in October.   

However, you won’t get that at Exodus.  So for those of you that have seen the movie trailer for Escape Room, or maybe even seen the movie, and wonder if an experience at Exodus is going to be anything scary…the answer is a simple “no, not at all.”


Locked In?  Not for me!  I am claustrophobic.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this since 2014, I would have ALOT of nickels!  Listen, I get it, I don’t like to be in tight quarters either!  However, they are not exactly that.  Many of our rooms are actually quite spacious.  In fact, every single time that I can remember someone in our lobby saying they were concerned, they came out about an hour later saying something along the lines of “THAT was a BLAST!”  Oh, and I should mention, if you ever wanted to walk right out, take a phone call or just get a breather, you absolutely can.

So again, is Exodus Escape Room safe?  The answer is a confident, humble and polite “absolutely yes.”  Whether you are worried about a virus, something scary, or just the thought of being “locked-in”, you do not have to worry.  You need only smile, laugh, high-five and have fun. 




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