Spooky family fun at Exodus! 

Escape Rooms are an awesome experience for the family, friends, & co-workers this Halloween season!  Why?  Allow me to share!


Reason #1:  It’s that perfect middle ground between scary haunts and the kindergarten room w/ spider & ghost decor on the wall.  We bring just the right amount of mystery and suspense, without someone jumping out at you.  If you are one of those folks that don’t want to be unexpectedly scared or startled, or one of those that just might throw a punch if a scare-actor jumps in your face or touches you (lol)…then we are the perfect, big step down from that.  Like goldi-locks porridge, we are not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  There is something a little nerve-racking about getting “locked in” for an hour, and the timer ticking down while you try to escape.  However, at the end of the day, there is no blood, no guts, no scare actors, and just a fantastically good time of working together as a team to accomplish a goal. 


Reason #2:  We Are Family Friendly!  I cannot tell you how many multi-generational family escapes we have hosted over the years…and with whopping success.  It warms my heart to think of all the moms’ that have come up to me and said “this is the first time in years that could do an experience as a family, with the kids off their phones/i-pads, Grandma and Grandpa participating, and everyone working together to accomplish a goal.”  One thing is for sure, you might think twice about bringing Grandma & Grandpa to a Haunted House or Knott’s Scary Farm because let’s face it, someone jumping out of a dark corner and scaring the bejeezers out of them, may not be the best thing for their ticker!  A good family-friendly escape room on the other hand, can provide a wholesome experience for the whole family. 


Reason #3:  Costumes?  Yes Please!   We encourage you to dress up, in fact, we see it all year long.  Perhaps its Togas for Olympus…a Captain’s Coat & Hat for SUBmerged…Ski-Masks for an Inside Job at a bank…or an Inverness cape, deerstalker cap, and pipe for Sherlock’s Haunted Escape!  We have even seen Batman and Robin visit us on a random Wednesday and “just because.”  Either way, come as you are, but nice dress, or costumes, are absolutely encouraged at Exodus.


At the end of the day, we know there will be many choices out there.  You might choose Knott’s Scary Farm, 17th Door, or that neighbors homemade haunt…and we all like different levels of all those experiences.  However, if you are looking for the perfect middle-ground, nothing too scary, and nothing plain silly, then book your escape experience at Exodus now, as we are starting to book some experiences weeks in advance!  Happy Halloween!


Our escape experiences have been known as family friendly since we first opened!  As the first escape room in Orange County, and one of the first ten in the entire US, Exodus is one of the pioneers in this industry.  From day one, it was our goal that parents, and even grandparents, could experience this awesome immersive experience with the kids!  Afterall, escape rooms are mostly designed for adults, but often take a younger persons open-minded and creative ways of thinking.  This is reason #1 that a top-rated escape room is a great Halloween experience!


-Chad M.

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