Grads About to Escape!

Grads About to Escape!


Whether it be their finals, the city they’ve grown tired of, or the clutches of mom/dad, one thing is for sure…Grads are ready to escape!


Some graduates are simply looking for an escape from school in general.  After 10 plus years of homework, quizzes and tests, they cannot wait to spread their wings and make their name on a career path.  This may include those like one of my brothers.  School wasn’t for him.  So the moment he could throw that cap and never look back, he was sprinting away from anything resembling a book, paper or a pencil!  On the flip side, this may include the Entrepreneurial types that cannot fathom the idea of wasting 4 to 5 more years at College, as that would simply put them further behind the 8 ball of launching their idea (or making money!)


Then there are those grads that are looking forward to college, just somewhere else!  They are looking to escape home, or even California altogether.  This group includes my son, who was accepted to many esteemed Universities, and ultimately opted for one in the great state of Texas.  While I know he will miss family, and perhaps more so his friends, nonetheless he was chomping at the bit to hit the road and leave California in the rear view mirror.


One thing is a guarantee for all grads however, and that is Mom/Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, and several other family & friends will be looking for a special gift to give to their Graduate.  We would not be doing ourselves any justice if we failed to mention that you can GIFT your grad something better than a soon forgotten gift card.  Rather, you can give them the gift of a memory they will not forget!  Check out one of our Escapes at Exodus.  We gave Gift cards so they can choose the experience that sounds most exciting to them, and use it when they want!


So from a Dad who is about to send off his own graduate, and one that has seen him and his many friends smile, laugh and high-five at these different escapes, I wish you and your graduate a blessed and fruitful journey after throwing that cap high.

-Chad M.

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