Exodus in 2022!

I know some of our staff want to know,

I know many of our Fans want to know,
Heck, even our Licensee & Vendors want to know…
What can we expect from Exodus in 2022?
Allow me to pull back the curtain and share a little behind the scenes with you!
Last year, like many companies, we spent much of the year rebuilding our teams.  We also sold a location, opened 4 new experiences and modified 2 experiences.  It was a great year in terms of recovery from the crazy of 2020, however, it was also a year of strategy and conservative moves.
This year, in 2022, it will be much more exciting!  Our Game Development department will be launching between 4 – 6 experiences.  Rather than sell locations, we have eyes open 👀 for 1 – 2 newlocations.  We plan to give-away and donate over 200 tickets to schools, churches and people in need!  Finally, for the first time in our history, we will no longer keep our Game Dev team all to ourselves and will contract our services to other escape rooms and entertainment venues!
Designing, building and installing new experiences has to be one of the most exciting things we do at Exodus!  Obviously, our fans would LOVE to know what kind of new shows we’ll be launching, but I cannot let that out of the bag.  What we can share however, is that we’re bringing back our Exodus UN-locked events this year!  Usually invite-only, we will not only listen to fan-feedback, but also share some of our secrets.  There will be more free giveaways, more tours, and more behind-the-scenes info shared than ever before!
Regarding new locations, we are always interested in good opportunities.  Since we have been in this game since 2014, we are occasionally approached by existing escape rooms that want to sell.  If the opportunity is right, and the location has potential, we will consider it.  We have bought and re-branded before, including New York, Irvine and Rowland Heights (two of which we turned around and RE-sold to lovely families that are still running them to this day.)
Lastly, now that we are publicly sharing that we are contracting out the Game Designing, Building and/or Installing, we can also share that we’ve already started!  We are about 7 weeks into a project that will hopefully launch this March.  For now, that’s all we will share, but keep following our Social Media, and/or our blogs to learn more REAL soon!
-Chad M.

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