Nurses!  They care for us, AND they are crafty

It was just last week that I was at our BRAND NEW IRVINE location when I heard that familiar comment (several times I might add), “I had no idea what this was!”


We were hosting a large group of Nurses that cover the Orange County area.  A couple of them were retired and I have to admit, I love the fact that these ladies are such a close-knit group that they still invite their retired coworkers!  Reading the room, I would say their demeanor ranged from slightly nervous, to excited, to just happy to be out with the girls.


To help ease some of the nerves we started at the beginning with a little of our company history, letting them know we were the first escape room in Orange County and about the 10th in the entire US, but the location they were standing in was our latest & greatest.  As usual, several of them were new to this, so we shared what the concept is and their overall goal: to escape!


It was then that I heard that all too familiar comment, “I had no idea what this was!”  We hear this literally ALL the time at Exodus.  You know what we hear about an hour later?  “THAT was Amazing!!”  I tell ya, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that, I’d be swimming in my own Money Bin of nickels a la Scrooge McDuck!


Sure enough, after their escape we had a lobby full of smiles, laughter and genuine joy.  It’s truly such a rewarding part of what we do.  I spoke with Stephanie this morning (who had booked the event) and she shared her thoughts with me.  For one, since their profession is so beautifully full of (and busy) caring for others, many of them had maybe heard about Escape Rooms, but had no idea what it really was.  Therefore, it was not as easy as sending a group text or chat and telling the girls the time & place.  No, this took some work (thank you Stephanie!)


Next, she shared about all the fun they had, and in fact, they were interested in coming back!  They want to return with the same teams and swap into the opposing rooms (something we do pretty often 😉


So to Stephanie, and all of your amazing friends who spend the majority of their days (and careers) caring for others, please know that we loved hosting your team-bonding event and we would love to have you back anytime.  And to all the other Nurses out there, from Orange County to LA and Inland Empire, we would be honored to host you too!

-Chad M.

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