Olympus Raises the Bar

Olympus Raises the Bar!Our newest experience, Olympus, has only been around for a short period of time, but it’s already claiming the spot of “Favorite Exodus Experience” by many of our clients! Here’s five reasons why this room is so popular:

1. Latest Escape Room Technology

Olympus is our most high-tech room, with only one lock and key! So to those who appreciate modern escape rooms over traditional lock and key, you are going to love it! (For those who prefer an “old school” escape room with more locks and keys, try Elevator instead. It has a healthy mix of both!)

2. Special Effects!

Thunder and Lightning! (Who doesn’t love thunder and lightning?!?) Zeus booming demands from above! This experience has lighting and sound effects that continually impress our clients.

3. The Underworld

Need we say more? The most exciting part of the hero’s quest is always the moment they have to enter The Underworld! Olympus allows you and your team to experience this thrilling moment and face the wrath of Hades by entering his domain. Our clients are consistently impressed and excited by the whole experience, but especially The Underworld!

4. Theme

Greek Gods, Zeus, Aphrodite, Demeter…come on, that’s just fun. If you enjoyed movies like Troy, 300, and Hercules…or if you enjoyed books like The Iliad, The Odyssey, or the Percy Jackson series…then you will love OLYMPUS.

This theme in particular is appealing to all ages! From the younger generations who are currently studying Greek mythology in school (and loving it) to the older ones who still love the many exciting stories, Olympus is a great option for the whole family.

5. Immersion

In this room, you will find ten foot tall Greek columns, instruments that play, a wall that cracks right before your eyes, and more! Our game development team has worked hard to ensure that it is our most immersive room to date!

We are extremely proud of this room and all the effort that went into making it an amazing experience! Come explore the wonders of Olympus and see what everyone is talking about!

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