Exodus Christmas Experiences 2023


As one of the pioneers of this industry in the US, our team at Exodus has always looked for ways to stay special.  Years ago, one such way was to launch a Christmas themed experience.  It was a hit!


Ever since that year, we chose to invest in these limited holiday experiences that would have to be flipped again as soon as the holidays were over.  But, the laughs, the smiles, and the Christmas Spirit, was (and is) totally worth it! We can truly say that is one of our favorite seasons because of all of you!


This year we launched not one, but two:  Christmas Mischief (Anaheim Hills & Rancho Cucamonga locations) and Clark’s Crazy Christmas (brand new Tustin location.)  


While brainstorming Christmas Mischief, we wanted to create an experience that stayed true to our roots of being family friendly, that overflowed the Christmas spirit, and moved people to smile and laugh.  Our team had an idea that was inspired by “Elf on the Shelf” in the setting of a Toy Store.  We also incorporated a little hide & seek and a PG level of naughty, just for laughs.  You have elves, you have mischief, and you have a toy store…checking lots of boxes! 


Next, we wanted to create an escape experience that was a tip of the hat to one of America’s goofiest & funniest Dads…Clark Griswold.  It was only more inspiring that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is, to this day, listed in the Top 20 Christmas movies of all time on several different sites, including Entertainment Weekly MovieWeb and USA Today. 


This was perhaps even more challenging because it needed just the right amount of nods to the suburban dad and his family, but also be fun and exciting for those with absolutely no knowledge of the movie.  Despite the challenge, our game development team once again delivered.  It is fun for the whole family!  For weeks of beta testing, and even groups post beta, we interviewed clients after their experience.  Those that were familiar with the movie loved it, but even those that had no knowledge were raving about the fun, the clever, and the Christmas Spirit!


So whether you are looking for an office Christmas party, or building family memories for years to come, check out Christmas Mischief or Clark’s Crazy Christmas before they sell out!



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