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How Escape Games Help With Team Building


Photo credit: wavebreakmedia / Escape rooms are among top games which have been used by many corporations to foster team development. Employees will easily develop team work skills after they have been subjected to conditions such as escape rooms. The rooms will require the employees to develop corporation where each individual will be required to contribute towards the success of the team in escaping from the room. It is among the best places where you can go with your colleges so that you will interact and know each other more. Many companies which have taken their employees to escape rooms have achieved great. This is due to the interaction which the teams develop. Escape games develop respect for contribution Each player will be required to bring skills which will be applied to solve the problem. This makes each member of the company which will be involved in the game

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How to Perform Under Pressure

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Photo credit: sergign / Nobody performs better when under pressure. In fact, research shows that pressure only makes you worse in what you do. Fortunately, this isn’t the final sealed deal. There are things you can do to diminish this. If you are looking for a few pointers on how to perform better under pressure, check out these tips. What is escape game? This is a real life adventure game where you are located in a room. The game’s goal is simple: you need to work with your teammates to crack codes and puzzles, and solve several ciphers and find clues in a certain amount of time to escape from the room. Some of the nuggets you can adopt to perform under pressure include: 1. Focus on the task at hand, but not the outcome. This is the easiest tactic of all. Instead of worrying too much about the outcome,

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Awesome Things That Will Happen After You Play an Escape Game

86th FSS unveils Port Royal Mystery Escape Room

Do you know the awesome things that will happen after you play an escape game? You might have been asking yourself this question many times before playing the game. When you have information, you will understand the benefits that you would enjoy when you play it. Here are the five awesome things that will happen after you play an escape game: Fat burning Playing escape games can make you lose some fats on the body. When playing it, you will increase the metabolism of the body and give you adrenaline rushes thus enabling to burn excess fats that may lead to weight gain. By burning fat, you will prevent muscle loss easily without having to fast. You will have more energy Imagine you feeling like getting better after drinking a hot cup of coffee then you multiply it by twenty-five. You will increase your energy levels remarkably especially when looking

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Tips for Better Teamwork

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Photo credit: Gajus / Teamwork skills, as well as team building, will be vital for your efficiency when playing the Exodus Escape Room. Notably, in the game, you will be given 60 minutes to solve ciphers, crack codes, and most importantly work together with other players to escape. The game is based on a real-life adventure and has been composed for a range of small to large groups Therefore, working in teams when you are playing Exodus Escape Room is inevitable. For this reason, you and your team should work at your potential so as to generate better solutions and be more productive. Also, you will most likely be successful in the game than if each member worked independently. Here are the tips for better teamwork: Share the Work  For your team to be the best, it will be critical to ensure that each member performs a notable part

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10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory and Boost Brainpower

10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory and Boost Brainpower

No matter where you are, whether it is your exam hall, a board meeting or perhaps a family outing at Exodus escape room, when the adrenaline kicks in everything goes haywire. It doesn’t matter as to what the extreme scenario is, memory and brain power are two crucial aspects that can help you survive the situation. A lot of times you might have come across people who are extremely good at recollecting things and solving very difficult tasks instantaneously and you wonder how they did that. Well, it’s just that these people have a much more trained memory than you and I and perhaps a greater brain power than us. I’m sure you’re wondering as to how you too could increase your memory and improve your brain power. If there’s a will, there’s most certainly a way. Improving memory and boosting brain power is something you can have to, all

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The Benefits of Puzzles in Early Childhood Development

The Benefits of Puzzles in Early Childhood Development

From early childhood to adult, we love to play puzzles because of the many benefits that we can derive from them. Puzzles not only exercise our minds but also challenge our way of thinking. As children develop, puzzles present many benefits to them. Simply put, puzzles can play an important role in the development of your child. Here are some of the important benefits of puzzles Problem-solving skills Even completing the simplest puzzle is critical in achieving a set goal. Children and toddlers must use their imagination and develop strategies on how to achieve this goal. This involves developing solutions, reasoning skills, and solving skills which they can later use in their adult future lives. Cognitive skills Puzzles can also assist your the child to understand how following step by step directions can help them achieve goals in life. Color, letter and spatial awareness skills achieved while playing puzzles are

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Recommended for 4-10 You and a few remaining survivors awake in an apocalyptic world. A world that strongly resembles the one you once called home, but for reasons unknown this new world has undergone tremendous amounts of damage. As you start to gather supplies for survival, you quickly realize that food is scarce and most of the water is contaminated. After a few hours of scavenging you notice a nearby power plant that appears to show signs of activity. You and the other survivors start heading towards the plant in hopes of finding an explanation of what happened, or even confirmation of what year it is. Book Room ›

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Bank Heist


Recommended for 2-6 You and several others have been handpicked by a professional thief named Curns. Each of you is an expert in your respected field. This bamboozling stranger has requested your services to break into vaults and infiltrate government facilities to steal from corrupted, unethical people! A modern day Robin Hood, you will be taking from people known to be involved in highly illegal and unethical ventures that go against the common good. Your goal, once you’ve broken in, is to collect a valuable cd, a diamond, and cash! Book Room ›

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Quake Escape


Recommended for 4-10 You are joining a dinner party at a nice restaurant, the lighting is attractive and the water fountains are soothing. You notice a piano on the stage and are excited that live entertainment will soon put a nice touch on the already special occasion. As you are finally allowing this ambiance to put your stress or worries to the back of your mind, all of a sudden… Book Now ›

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Masquerade Manor


Recommended for 4-8 The Masquerade Manor room is one where you’re invited to a ball where everyone hides behind exquisite masks. This can be fun to get into but at the same time there’s more to this experience than what meets the eye. To escape, you’ll need to use plenty of competitive and critical thinking skills while looking through various physical obstacles. This hard difficulty escape room is available for two to eight players and takes an hour to play. Book Room ›

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