Tips for Better Teamwork

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Photo credit: Gajus /

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Teamwork skills, as well as team building, will be vital for your efficiency when playing the Exodus Escape Room. Notably, in the game, you will be given 60 minutes to solve ciphers, crack codes, and most importantly work together with other players to escape. The game is based on a real-life adventure and has been composed for a range of small to large groups

Therefore, working in teams when you are playing Exodus Escape Room is inevitable. For this reason, you and your team should work at your potential so as to generate better solutions and be more productive. Also, you will most likely be successful in the game than if each member worked independently.

Here are the tips for better teamwork:

Share the Work 

For your team to be the best, it will be critical to ensure that each member performs a notable part in the game too, which will result in a superior performance. Therefore, it will be important that not only should each member of your team feel that they are playing an essential role but they should do so.

Build cohesion 

As a team, you should create a communication technique, which will make all the members feel included, institute a distinctive set of priorities, and allow for the smooth workflow. Therefore, everyone should be kept on the same playbook so as to allow the team to flourish and focus.

Encourage Cooperation not Competition

For you to succeed in the game, collaboration is a must, and the team may not succeed without your cooperation. Therefore, as a team, you should collaborate when making quality decisions and have the commitment and support of the members to carry out the decisions.

Examine the Team Constantly

Your team should have the capacity to monitor itself regularly and to improve its interaction, practices, and processes consistently. Even more, you should openly discuss the norms of the team and what may be holding back your ability to progress and move forward in the areas of strategy, talent, and effort.

Set Clear Objectives 

Ideally, you should provide clear direction and define goals so that your colleagues will understand how they can contribute to the success of the game both as a group and as individuals. To that end, the explicit agreement and direction on the purpose and mission are essential for effective teamwork when playing the game.

Team Should Have a Strong Sense of Belonging

To achieve this, you should ensure that every member of the team experiences a profound obligation to the actions and decisions of the group. The team can reinforce and enhance this sense of belonging by developing the relationship guidelines together.

Solve Disagreement and Problems Together 

As a team, you should agree upon the course of action for resolving, analyzing, and diagnosing teamwork conflicts and challenges. The team members should avoid picking sides in disagreement, and you should not also support member personality clashes and disputes.

Participate as a Leader

You should practice participative leadership in providing direction, holding your colleagues accountable, assessing progress, recording commitment and decisions, assign the task to the team so as to ensure success in the game.

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