10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory and Boost Brainpower

10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory and Boost Brainpower

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No matter where you are, whether it is your exam hall, a board meeting or perhaps a family outing at Exodus escape room, when the adrenaline kicks in everything goes haywire. It doesn’t matter as to what the extreme scenario is, memory and brain power are two crucial aspects that can help you survive the situation. A lot of times you might have come across people who are extremely good at recollecting things and solving very difficult tasks instantaneously and you wonder how they did that. Well, it’s just that these people have a much more trained memory than you and I and perhaps a greater brain power than us.

I’m sure you’re wondering as to how you too could increase your memory and improve your brain power. If there’s a will, there’s most certainly a way. Improving memory and boosting brain power is something you can have to, all you have to do is tune yourself to a few things as described below.

What are the important brain boosting techniques?

These things that I’ve enlisted below will enable you to remember things for longer and help you become more proactive from your mind. Are you ready to know the secret?

– Exercising: Exercising is far more than just about building a good physic. Regularly exercising the body helps the brain become more proactive and much more vigilant. It enable you think quickly and energizes the brain too.

– Eliminate stress causing agents: The more you stress, the more you start to lose memory. Stress factors like anxiety and anger begin to pile up and cause harm to one part of the brain that primarily is responsible for building up memory.

– Sleep well: There is a fine line between sleeping enough and sleeping sufficient. Don’t compromise on sleep. Sleep has been considered as the best stress buster for ages. A good 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep not only relaxes your muscles but also makes you noticeably sharper too. Avoid multiple sleeping habits, Sleep once at a long stretch.

– Writing: I’ve always been told and I’m sure you’ve been told this too; writing improves memory. As children, we were told to learn our nursery rhymes by writing. The reason for that is writing develops and improves finger tip memory and so remembering things gets much easier and than it would have been without writing.

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