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Conversation with a Client!

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One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Exodus is providing our clients with an absolutely amazing experience!  We love having return clients, and we always make sure that they have a memorable escape every time.  Recently, we had a very special return client and it truly made our day! On October, 6th, 2015, Lola came and played her first ever escape room at the Exodus Anaheim location.  On that momentous day, she played our original Sherlock’s Study and had such a great time that she came back later that same day to conquer our Trap room (which to this day remains one of her favorite games).  After that, she was hooked!  In the past 4 years, Lola has gone on to play more than 30 other escape rooms, from Anaheim to San Francisco to Chicago, including rooms at 3 of our locations across California!  Just recently, Lola returned

Wedding Parties at Exodus!


As escape room employees, one of the most common questions we get is “Would an escape room be a good activity for…”  There are many phrases that we could use to finish that inquiry: birthday parties, team building, family nights, etc.  Our answer to that question is almost always “Of course!”  Escape rooms are so versatile and are a great and unique activity for many different events.  Another ending to that question is “a date night” or “a bachelor/bachelorette party.”  Yet again, our answer is “Definitely!” Many people say that an escape room is an awesome date night activity.  It’s fun, exciting, and different than the normal dinner-and-a-movie date.  While we are in total agreement there (it’s an amazing bonding experience), we want to take it a step further!  Not only is it a good date night activity, we propose that it is the perfect place to do just that,

Featured By Local University!


We frequently partner with local universities to bring escape experiences to them!  This time, however, a local university came to us!  Here’s what they had to say about it! “Can You Escape This Room? A Sherlock themed escape room By Andy Lizarraga Tucked away in the back of a Rowland Height plaza is an adventure waiting to happen. Right next to a martial arts studio, The Exodus Escape Room is available for those who are willing to be trapped in a room with a mess of hints and clues in order to find a key they can escape with. Exodus Escape Room has five different locations in Anaheim, San Bernardino, Rowland Heights, Rancho Cucamonga and Monterey Bay. The most common room between all of the location seems to be “Sherlock’s Study,” a Sherlock Holmes themed room. At the Rowland Heights location, “Sherlock’s Study” and “Apocalypse” are available. For my adventure,

Our Newest Room!

Happy New Year from all of us at Exodus! It’s 2019, and we cannot wait for everything the year has in store for us… not to mention everything we have in store for you. What does that mean? Well reader, here’s the big news… we have a new room! That’s right, we snuck it in under the wire, subbed it in just at the end of 2018. Now the bad boy is out from under its watery veil, and we want you to be our new recruit. As a few of you will have guessed from the awkward nautical references above… it’s a submarine room!  We call it SUBmerged, and it's currently docked at our Anaheim location. In the game, the players take on the role of the crew of a research submarine (yes there is a Captain’s coat, yes someone gets to wear it. Please don’t fight over it
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What Makes Us Thankful

What makes us thankful? In the world of Room Escape often it’s the little things. A group playing one of our rooms and telling us how much they enjoyed it… a fun day in the control booth… just generally feeling fulfilled by the strange and wonderful work we get to do. Other days it’s the big things. With the wildfires in California leading up to Thanksgiving, we’re thankful our employees are safe, thankful our places of business survived, and thankful for the tireless work of the brave people in the emergency services that protected us and our families in these scariest of times.  What’s interesting is that, in turn, these larger concerns make us thankful that we continue to experience the other little things that got us through the day previously. One of the survivors from Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger’s ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ said in a TED talk that, following the
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Featured by HOT 103.9!



Featured By CBS!


Enjoy an Escape Room Exodus Escape Room 5642 East La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA 92807 (714) 392-7909 For something a little different that can be enjoyed by the whole family, visit Exodus Escape Room this month. A new twist on escape rooms, this one leaves the fear and fright at the door, offering an experience that even children can partake in and enjoy—with smiles on their faces. Book with as few as two people, but opt for more if you can—to improve your chances of escaping. You’ll have an hour to see if you and your group of eight or less can beat the clock and solve the puzzles on time. There are three escape rooms to choose from: the Exodus room, Masquerade Manor or Sherlock’s Study.

How Escape Games Help With Team Building


Photo credit: wavebreakmedia / Escape rooms are among top games which have been used by many corporations to foster team development. Employees will easily develop team work skills after they have been subjected to conditions such as escape rooms. The rooms will require the employees to develop corporation where each individual will be required to contribute towards the success of the team in escaping from the room. It is among the best places where you can go with your colleges so that you will interact and know each other more. Many companies which have taken their employees to escape rooms have achieved great. This is due to the interaction which the teams develop. Escape games develop respect for contribution Each player will be required to bring skills which will be applied to solve the problem. This makes each member of the company which will be involved in the game

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Improve Your Memory

improve your memory

Photo credit: Anson0618 / The human mind houses different types of memory pieces, in different areas of the brain. In a matter of moments, the brain needs to retrieve seemingly trivial details like dates and phone numbers out of its storage areas for immediate use. This operation doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned. It might be looking for our car keys or our sunglasses that causes our brain to feel sabotaged. It might be other matters like forgetting a birthday or wedding anniversary at the wrong moment. This isn’t something that we are forced to live with, as there are ways to improve your memory and boost the capabilities of your memory. Whether you are a fresh young student in college, cramming for those final exams, or another person fretting over a missed dentist appointment that you totally blew off, there are things that each of us can

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Helpful Tips On How To Keep Calm Under Pressure


Photo credit: Diego Cervo / There are very many experiences that we encounter on a daily basis. Some of these experiences can make us happy while others can make us sad. Some situations can make you feel frustrated and stressed. Some people dread going for interviews and so on. Others, usually become restless whenever they are giving a musical performance. In addition, others usually fear sitting for examinations and so on. All these situations can make you to panic and have pressure. In this case, you need to stay calm so that you can overcome the situation successfully. The following are some of the tips on how you can keep calm under pressure: Learn how to defeat your signals. When you are in danger or facing a challenging situation, your mind is likely to go into the fight or flight mode. You will realize that stress hormones usually flood

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