At the Rowland Heights location, “Sherlock’s Study” and “Apocalypse” are available. For my adventure, I decided to attempt to be a detective and chose the Sherlock Holmes room, which is designed for two-eight people. The story of the room is that Holmes was kidnapped by the very same murderer he was trying to capture himself. Holmes left behind many different clues for us to piece together who the kidnapper is.

Once all of the rules are given, we head into the room. Cameras inside of the room are supervised by the workers who are readily available to give hints and clues whenever asked.

Finishing with only 12 minutes to spare, my group escaped the room. Although it was tricky, it was definitely worth the rush we got when we put the key into the door knob.

I highly recommend this escape room. I plan on coming back again and trying out a different room. To book your appointment, you can choose a date and location on their website.”