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Happy New Year from all of us at Exodus! It’s 2019, and we cannot wait for everything the year has in store for us… not to mention everything we have in store for you. What does that mean? Well reader, here’s the big news… we have a new room! That’s right, we snuck it in under the wire, subbed it in just at the end of 2018. Now the bad boy is out from under its watery veil, and we want you to be our new recruit. As a few of you will have guessed from the awkward nautical references above… it’s a submarine room! 

We call it SUBmerged, and it’s currently docked at our Anaheim location. In the game, the players take on the role of the crew of a research submarine (yes there is a Captain’s coat, yes someone gets to wear it. Please don’t fight over it kids). A series of puzzles present themselves, it’s up to you to solve them, and… yes we know it’s vague, but we really can’t say anymore without giving the game away. You will just have to come and play yourself!

As you know, we at Exodus are always looking to do new and exciting things. Heck, we got in to Room Escape because we like new and exciting. We were one of the first RE businesses in the states, and have consistently held our own as the game has changed and developed over the years. When developing the sub room we knew we wanted to go all out. Latest tech, immersive design, high production value. We got our senior game designer Christine (who just graduated Summa Cum Laude from Chapman University) to dig deep, and stretch herself more than ever before. No spoilers, but some of the stuff she has come up with has thrown even our most seasoned game masters. Our set designer, architect, engineers, contractors, electricians, sound guys… they all outdid themselves on this one.

But what makes this room so special?  Well for one: we used real steel. That’s right, you heard us. 95% of this room is metal. No painted dry-wall, no vacuum foam, no awkward suspension of disbelief. You will believe you’re in a tin can underwater. We even sourced an authentic submarine door for the build. Those things do NOT grow on trees. To fully understand how difficult an ask that was, it needs to be understood that submarine doors are typically, well, on submarines. Welded on them, in fact. As you might imagine, that makes them very difficult to remove. We won’t tell you which Jack Ryan stand in we had to call in a favor from to gain access, but we got our door, and it looks gorgeous. Big shout outs to everyone who helped us get that monolith home so we could live out our Jules Verne dreams.

This will be our twelfth game in rotation (all created in-house), and while we do love all of our puzzling room-shaped children equally, it is safe to say that this is an all timer. What we present to you has been almost ten months in development. Three months research and design, followed by an extended period of sourcing and planning, all culminating in a two-three month build (depending on how you count it) before our first public runs in December. Quite the time it’s been, but here it is.

Now, we can tell you all day about the puzzles, the set, the government officials we had to bribe in order to steal a submarine door… but do you know what’s better than reading about an awesome submarine room? Playing an awesome submarine room. You should come over and play. One of the strangest melancholies of working in Room Escape is you never get to play the room that you design. We can never experience the thing that we poured so much love and effort in to as it was intended to be experienced. Only you can. We are so proud of this guy. It is our baby. Our big, beautiful, metal, underwater baby, and we made it for you. We absolutely cannot wait for you to enjoy it, so that we can experience that fun vicariously through you. So come on over! We’d love to hear what you sink.

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