How Success Affects Brain Chemistry

How Success Affects Brain Chemistry

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Completing the puzzles and solving the problems involved in our games before the time runs out involve the fun mechanics that everyone loves. The games at the Exodus Escape Room provides these mechanics. The games are leveraged to your advantage, and they will make you more confident, smarter and help you to achieve better results in your work. While one or two people can play our games, they are usually played by a group that plays as a team.

Playing our games reveals an interesting phenomenon in biology. This phenomenon is a large release of testosterone and dopamine into the brain. This will eventually result in beneficial changes to the brain’s chemical makeup and structure making the person smarter and more comfortable with larger challenges. A prominent cognitive neuroscientist says that success shapes our brains much more than do drugs and genetics.

By focusing on completing the puzzle or solving the problem before time runs out, the player will change their biology and be more adept at conquering increasingly tougher challenges. The games’ mechanics will cause dopamine releases which will combine with a testosterone boost. The result will be a feeling of exhilaration along with an improvement in the brain’s capability. By recognizing this positive effect, players will be more inclined to participate more in these types of problem-solving activities.

While testosterone has been linked to aggression and violence, it also creates social bonding and the desire to protect loved ones and close friends. Now, we know that testosterone also creates beneficial changes in the brain helping to make a person smarter and more comfortable with their skill levels.

When groups play the games at the Exodus Escape Room, the group shares in the mental rewards of beating the clock with their problem solving efforts. Since every member of the team participates, every member will share in the increased levels of testosterone and dopamine. Thus, every member will benefit from experiencing an improved level of brain functioning.

Realizing that having fun playing games can be very beneficial for the brain, it is also recognized that the problem-solving techniques discussed in one of our blogs will help players prepare for success in playing our games. We believe that it is never too late to enhance the capabilities of our brains. The games at the Exodus Escape Room will provide many mental benefits for the players. Success helps to build the ability of players to achieve greater success.

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