Does Competition Boost Brain Power?

Does Competition Boost Brain Power?

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The answer to this question has been provided by the renowned neuroscientists who have studied, and continue to study, the impact of competition on the brain. The answer is unequivocal yes!

The science of neurogenesis has demonstrated that people can improve their brain power by performing winning tasks. This does not mean that always winning is the key, but rather it means that improvements over past accomplishments and performances are the path to steady improvement in brain power. This science also discovered that our brains are reshaped when we act to improve through competition or the mastering of a new skill. Reshaping our brains means that we alter brainwaves that improve our performance and our intellectual powers. Risk-takers who rely on the cutting edges of new possibilities are the people who will experience a boost in their brain power.These are the people who engage in mental fitness efforts. People who run farther than they have, or write a great essay, or build something, are reshaping their brain electrically and chemically for a higher level of intelligence. Even simple competitions can improve brain power. Engaging in mental fitness will release the brain chemicals that get people out of mental ruts.

Scientists now believe that constant use of social media like Facebook and Twitter decrease attention spans and perpetuate instant gratification leaving a very little chance for increasing brain power through these types of activities. While these social media sites can in some instances create competition for followers and reporting the latest news, these activities do not provide brain power improvement.

Here are some activities that do increase brain power. The games at Exodus Escape Room embody all of these activities:

1. Networking To Increase Wisdom- Engaging others in planning to solve a problem will fuel the brain with chemical hormones for learning and growth.

2.Asking Great Questions And Processing The Answers- Listen and decide how to act on the answers. Discuss the answers with the person who provided them.

3. Interact With Different People- Listen to people with differing opinions and who come from different backgrounds

4. Be Open To New Beliefs- Challenge your deeply held beliefs when others propose a set of different beliefs.

5. Propose Competitive Solutions- Develop ideas for peaceful and agreeable solutions to problems.

6. Work With High-Performance Minds- Work with those who lead in making changes for improvements.

7. Work With Opposing Views- Look for the strengths in alternative perspectives. Step out from comfort zones to acknowledge and embrace unexpected answers.

8. Offer Sincere Encouragement- Improved brain power is also achieved by affirming a competitor’s ideas and plans.

These are just some of the neuro-tools that everyone can use. The Exodus Escape Room games are structured on the proven neuroscience principles of boosting brain power.


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