Tips from Escape Room Employees!

Who better to ask for tips about escape rooms then people who run escapes every day?!  Our team has seen thousands of people attempt our rooms and therefore has seen people make all the mistakes!  When I asked a few of them what their top tips were, in regards to playing escape rooms, this was what they said:

“My biggest tip is to try everything (unless it involves breaking something)!  If somebody in your group has an idea, give it a shot before moving on, it could be exactly what you need.  It also helps to try a few different things before putting something down.  I see a lot of groups come really close to solving something and give up before they finish!”

 -Aaron, Escape Coordinator

“Try to think like the escape room designer!  We want you to succeed, so we often include subtle hints to guide you in the right direction, in addition to the more obvious clues.  If you’re stuck, take a step back, think about the items you have that you haven’t used, and look around to see if there is anything else in the room giving you a hint on how to use them.  Look for matching symbols, matching colors, labeling, or other related items (i.e. if you have a teabag, you might want to look for a bowl of sugar or a teacup).”

-Christine, Director of Game Development

“The biggest tip I give first timers is reading comprehension is EVERYTHING. Remembering what you read and applying it to what you see is the best skill to have in a room.”

-Janna, Escape Coordinator

“-Don’t count tiny things you find in the room (coins, flies, pebbles, etc.)

-Don’t let everyone start speaking all at once.

-‘Do Not Remove’ means do NOT remove.

-Real life rules still apply. (e.g. Righty tighty lefty loosey)

-If it doesn’t work, try one more time before moving on to another option.

-Let someone else try it!

-Search the pockets… Always search the pockets… twice.

-Of course you can guess codes, but that doesn’t make you ‘smart’ or ‘cool.’”

-Haval, General Manager

“One of the reasons Exodus is so popular with our corporate team-building clients, is the fact that escape rooms (done right) naturally inspire creative thinking, communication and teamwork.  Therefore, communicate, and work as a team.  I cannot tell you how many times we have witnessed one person find what everybody else missed, another person match it with a critical partner, and a third person actually decipher what it all means.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  When combining those strengths as one team, the outcome is amazing (and in our case, full of cheering, high fives, and occasional hugs from strangers.)

-Chad, Vice President

My personal tip is to always help each other out while in the room.  You never know when you’re going to find something that relates to another object in the room.  There may be a time when you find a piece of something and someone else in your group has the other piece.  The only way you’ll know that you both have things that are related is if you tell everyone what you find!  Don’t go off on your own and try to solve it by yourself, because you may not have all of the pieces of the puzzle!

Escape rooms are great to try with co-workers, friends, or family and I definitely recommend it (clearly, I’m only a little bit biased)!  If you were a bit nervous to try them out simply because you didn’t know how to go about solving one or because you weren’t sure what to do, hopefully this will encourage you to go book one!  Escape rooms are meant to be fun and exciting and everyone is rooting for you to succeed!  Don’t be worried about “what if’s,” just remember the tips listed above and enjoy your experience!

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