Debunking Common Escape Room Concerns!

As the first escape room to open in Orange County, we have interacted with thousands of clients over the years, and have often run into people who have never heard of, or played, an escape room before.  When I say that I lock people up for a living, it tends to lead to some confusion and quite a few questions.  Over the years, I have heard many different concerns about trying an escape room, and today I will debunk some of those fears!

I’m too scared to try an escape room!

While there are plenty of fear-based rooms out there, Exodus has never had, and will never have, scary rooms.  As someone who gets scared very easily (seriously, it’s ridiculous how easily I jump-scare), I was happy to find an escape room company that is not fear-based!  All of our rooms are family friendly.  They do not involve horror themes, jump-scares, blood, gore, or anything similar.  We provide experiences that let you focus on solving the puzzles rather than worrying about being frightened!

I don’t want to feel trapped!

This is an understandable concern, but our rooms are completely safe!  There are no extremely small spaces that you’ll have to stay in for extended periods of time.  Most of the rooms are no smaller than an average room in your home.  All of them can be exited at any time and you’re welcome to return whenever you feel comfortable.  Many of our clients walk into our lobby and are nervous about feeling trapped inside the room; however, almost every time, they end up forgetting their nerves and have a wonderful experience!

I’m not smart enough to escape!  

Occasionally, we meet people who are worried that they won’t be able to solve the room or will get stuck on a puzzle and fail.  Luckily, we’re always willing to help out!  We offer clues to our groups that want them.  If you and your team ever feel stuck, we are more than happy to help nudge you along to get you back on track!  (If you’re ever worried that you are asking for too many clues, trust me, we’ve seen groups ask for even more!)  Not only that, but it is important to remember that you are not alone in the room!  Even if you are personally struggling on a clue, you will have your teammates to help you out!  Solving an escape room is all about using teamwork, cooperation, and having fun!

We’re too old/young to try this!

Exodus is family friendly and can be played by people of all ages!  Though the majority of our clients tend to be college-aged and above, we’ve hosted every type of group‒from the 7 year old birthday parties to the Red Hat Society‒and all ages were able to participate and work together as a team.  Because we are not fear-based, anyone can give the rooms a try!  If you have a very young child, you are more than welcome to bring them into the room.  In fact, children ages 6 and under are complimentary with an adult ticket!

Hopefully I’ve addressed any worries you might have had about trying an escape room with Exodus!  We want everyone to enjoy their experience, and are more than happy to help you achieve that!  If at any point you think of a concern or question not mentioned above, please feel free to check out the FAQ page on our website, email us, or call us, and we would love to help you out!

-Erin F.

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