Team Building at Exodus!

Team building/bonding: a term that brings excitement to some and horror to others.  They are one of those things that no one can quite agree on.  Some people love them, some people hate them, and some just don’t care at all!  They often consist of groups of people who have different skills and interests, which can make it challenging when searching for an activity that everyone will enjoy.

Well, I’m here at Exodus Escape Room to give you an idea for a super successful team building activity!  …and yes, it is an escape room!  Trust me, I’m aware that I am biased, but escape rooms really are an amazing team building or team bonding experience!  They allow your group to get away from the office and experience something entirely new together for an hour!  It allows them to work together, figuring out fun problems and puzzles, while completely taking their minds off normal work topics.  Rather than simply going out for a meal or drinks, where conversations are likely to fall back to the comfortable and familiar work talk, escape rooms encourage people to put real life on hold and allow themselves to be completely immersed in the story and puzzles.

Think about it, a chance for a group of people who normally find themselves in a professional setting being given the opportunity to explore a new place together while working towards a common goal.  It’s such a cool way to help coworkers see each other from a different perspective, all while encouraging communication and teamwork.  Equally as important, the Owner/VP/Manager that is approving this event can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the expense is providing a much greater return than a quick meal or an outing that only some of the team actually enjoy.

Exodus has hosted many corporate team building events over the years, including Disney, Starbucks, FedEx, In-N-Out, and more!  Not only can we host team bonding events, but we can also host more formal team building events.  We recently had Golden State Foods spend the main part of the work day at our Rancho Cucamonga location, where we hosted a corporate event for them.  They chose to facilitate their entire event on site at Rancho, including catered food, their team meeting, and of course, the fun of escaping as a team!  Not only was this group of 48 able to have their meal, meeting and team building activity all in one location, they were able to have an amazing time doing so!  By allowing us to host their entire event, Golden State Foods eliminated the amount of time spent commuting from restaurant, to meeting site, to activity, which helped keep the employees more engaged and entertained throughout the whole event.

As escape rooms continue to grow in popularity, more and more companies are using them as a team building or team bonding experience!  Because we have more than one room to try out, we can host all different sized groups, as well as host the same group more than once.  We’ve had companies come back multiple times, creating teams that would rotate through the room, all trying to beat the others’ times!  It adds a sense of both camaraderie and friendly competition to the teams, as well as gives the employees something to look forward to for another event.

Whether you want to host an event for just your department of 4-8 people, or your entire division of 40-60 people, we can accommodate your team!  Escape rooms provide such a diverse range of experiences that they can work for just about anyone!  We always love seeing the corporate groups racing out of the room in the last few seconds, cheering each other on as they escape!  In that moment, they’re not focusing on work or deadlines, simply on having an amazing time with their teammates!  If you are interested in hosting a team building event with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at  We’re always happy to help set up a memorable event that you and your team will be talking about for months afterwards!

-Erin F.

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