The Exodus Escape Room

The Exodus Escape Room

Photo Credit: Exodus Escape Room

The Escape Room Game is not an ordinary Orange County entertainment spot where you go and observe and perhaps leave with memories of having seen something unusual and even amazing. The Escape Room is an amazing experience, but you are more than just an observer. This is the place where you participate in an Escape Game.

The Exodus Escape Room brings to life the adventurous escape games you usually only find online. Each Exodus Escape Game is 60 minutes of intense fun involving, extremely thrilling action packed adventures. Each game will test your intelligence and challenge your senses. You will work with other players to crack codes, solve puzzles to escape from the room before it is too late. Three very challenging Escape Games have been designed to deliver adrenaline-pumping adventures that will leave you wanting more.

You and the other members of your group are locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to work together to crack codes and solve ciphers to escape. The games are designed for small groups of 2 to 14 people depending on which of the three games you want to play.

Each game is a test that requires you to use your problem solving skills and your intelligence to find the key to unlocking the door. You will need to explore surroundings using all of your senses and observation skills. You will also need to use critical thinking skills to escape.

Each game will challenge many of your skills and they will test the level of your brain power. This is not to claim that the games are a measure of your intelligence, but rather they will prompt you to put your intelligence to work in a way it may not have ever been previously. If you can beat the clock, you will have really accomplished a feat you can be proud of. The games are not only challenging, but they are also exciting and stimulating.

Companies will find the Escape Games an ideal way to build team work and help employees to further develop problem solving skills.

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