Six Tips To Get Your Team To Work Together

Six Tips To Get Your Team To Work Together

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Creating teamwork at workplace it is a tough process. The process involves taking a group of independently talented individuals and creating a team in which they can amalgamate their talents. This act of merging independent talents will not only release remarkable amount of energy and creativity, but will also improve their performance, engagement and loyalty.

Here are six effective tips for getting your team to work together:

-Lay Foundation by Setting Goals

Invest time in laying a foundation that creates a common frame work for every team member. Start by addressing the purpose. Set out the actual goals and inform your team of its function in relation to the set goals. Include timelines and plans that will clearly define goals for the team.

-Form Common Skills

Ensure that every member has a common skill base for problem solving, communication, conflict resolution and giving and receiving peer feedback. Teams that have common skill sets are far more efficient and productive than those that lack them.

-Build Dialogue

Make sure there is a two-way interaction and exchange of ideas and new insights in regular communication. Encourage members to ask about others thinking or reasoning and explain how they see a situation or how they think about it. This will make all the members to feel included.

-Set Rules for the Team

Each member should establish norms to ensure efficiency and accomplishment. They can be simple directives such as being punctual for meetings or general guidelines. These ground rules should be created by consensus and commits to them.

-Foster Trust and Cooperation Among the Team Members

Remember that the relationships that will be established among the members are as critical as those you establish with them. As it develops, carefully pay attention to how the members work together and take steps to foster cooperation, respect and trust in those relationships.

-Do Some Teambuilding

In the beginning you may consider a series of team sessions that integrate above with teambuilding activities. However, you should ensure that the kind of teambuilding chosen (from classroom experiential to rope climbing) matches the challenges and the culture of the team. There are a lot of activities that are metaphors for what goes on and doesn’t, in the team experience. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, only be sure there will be valuable learning and fun.

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