FAQ’s About The Escape Room Games

FAQ's About The Escape Room Games

Photo Credit: Exodus Escape Room

Once you have decided to play The Escape Game, you need to know all the details that revolve around it. Since each game takes exactly sixty minutes to play, ensure you arrive for the game at least fifteen minutes before your start time. You will begin the game exactly on the time scheduled.

Although you will be in a room having a locked door, you are always free to leave the room whenever you feel like leaving. However, each player is accorded same time for the game, and there’s no extension of time. Everyone plays in a favorable environment.

The minimum players in each game are two although all games can get played by small groups made of ten people. There are allowable players in each game, and although there is no age limit, most players are recommended to be thirteen years and above.

Within the sixty minutes of the game, you can have much fun when you spend fifteen minutes to get ready for the game and then have another fifteen minutes to have a good time and take some photos after each game. Depending on the add-ons you have chosen, you will get varying help during the game.

So as to save time, you can have an individual booking the game for one group of friends. However, it does no harm when each person places a booking for the same game. The game can also get played by large parties as well as corporate groups. An individual may book for a group through an email so as to get a custom quote.

Although it’s possible to play with only your friends, it will mainly depend on how many of your friends are in the group. Where the game has ten available slots, and you only have five friends, the remaining five slots might get filled by other people.

For an adult to play the game, it costs one $30 and for children aged seven and twelve, it is $20. One pays for the games when booking them. Payment can be through Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard Discover for online customers. Cash and debit payment is added to the mode of payment for the walk-in customers.

For any cancellation to get done, the request must be done via writing an email twenty-four hours before the event time. A refund can’t be made if the cancellation is received after the deadline.

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