Mother’s Day Escape!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 12th this year everyone)! If there was one thing we did not expect when opening the first escape room in Orange County, it was that Mother’s Day would be so busy! We expected that moms would want the usual: brunch, favorite restaurant, maybe a day in the park, etc. Boy were we wrong! Turns out, moms love a mystery! Not to mention being able to search for clues and solve that mystery with their husbands, sons, daughters, and grandchildren!

In fact, for our first Mother’s Day, we staffed lightly because we figured that everyone would be doing other things that day, not playing escape rooms! Oh, how wrong we were! As bookings kept flooding in, we quickly realized that Mother’s Day was going to be busy! What can I say, apparently the lure of solving a mystery with their family was too enticing to resist!

I can hear it now “‘Lock’ my mom in a room for an hour to celebrate, really?” Apparently, because the moms have spoken! They seem to love it, and why not?! Not only is it a unique gift, it is also an awesome experience that the whole family can participate in. It is a great way to get out of the house and spend some quality time together as a family. Our rooms are the perfect opportunity for some fun bonding time!

Exodus has nine unique room themes to choose between amongst our five different locations. Each of the rooms follow different story lines and vary in difficulty levels. One of the most common reservations I’ve heard from people about escape rooms is that they are afraid. Fear not, (quite literally) as none of our rooms are scary! If you’re like me and can’t stand jump scares or horror themed rooms, Exodus is the place for you. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly escape room. That means that, no matter which room you choose, it will be great for all ages!

When I say “all ages,” I mean it! Apart from corporate team building events and adult birthday parties, family nights are one of the most popular reasons for booking! Because we don’t have an age limit, you don’t have to stress about finding the younger members of the family a babysitter or worry about grandma and grandpa feeling left out of the fun. Everyone is welcome to join and will have a blast!

That being said, we’re not the only ones who realize that playing an escape room is the perfect Mother’s Day experience (tbh, we think any occasion is the perfect time to play an escape room, but we may be slightly biased!). As I mentioned above, Mother’s Day tends to be a very busy day for Exodus. With so many families wanting to book an escape room, tickets disappear quickly. In the event that you try to book and we don’t have space, worry not! Check out some of our other nearby locations as they may still have some availability. If you can’t make it to our rooms at the moment, but still think that Mom would love an escape room experience, we do have gift cards available on our website! This would let her pick the date, time, and room that she wants, whenever she’s ready to use it! If you think that either of these would be the perfect gift for mom, or even grandma, we recommend reserving those spots now!


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