Ways to Think Outside the Box

think outside the box

Photo credit: Sergey Nivens / shutterstock.com

Photo credit: Sergey Nivens / shutterstock.com

Whether you’re an avid gamer and love puzzles or not, there’s always room for self-improvement and expanding the mind. Sometimes we need to ditch our standard way of thinking to solve a riddle or to just finish some project at work or to just go about our everyday lives.

Here are some unique tips on how to get better with thinking outside the box:

– Dig into another field

This may seem crazy, but getting to understand other fields greatly helps you develop your thinking. There are very high chances that by checking into other fields you will find problems and solutions that may be helpful in your situation.


– Interact with other religions

Religion is the most organized human form of living. There is a religion everywhere in the world. Understanding these religions will greatly expand your scope of thinking.


– Get to class

The best way of finding ways to think outside the box is by learning something new. You will be able to this amazingly well if you take some new classes.


– Read a novel

You should try reading some novels. Novels have a way of teaching and expounding on some technical problems and some possible solutions. You will find them very helpful.


– Poem your thoughts

Writing poems is not something that most people fancy. I can tell you this; if you want to find ways to think outside the box putting your thoughts in paper is a pretty good way.


– Draw or paint

Pictures and paintings are puzzles in themselves. Putting your mind onto drawing or painting will give you practice to solving problems. Sometimes seeing your thoughts or issues in a visual way can help you see things in a different light.


– See it upside down

For any challenge you face, approaching it upside down will provide you with a new angle of looking for the solution.


– Start from the back

Sometimes, your view may be blocked from the front. If you think backwards, they you are likely to discover an open window to get to your challenge.


– Consult a child

Don’t overlook children; they have the simplest explanations to things and also imaginative minds and creative thinking skills. Sometimes and most of the times the simplest explanation is the answer.


– Welcome randomness

Break your everyday patterns by welcoming randomness to your life. This is one of the ways to think outside the box.


– Have a shower

Showering is like opening a new window to creativity. Do it anytime you need to think better.


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