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Photo credit: Natalya Rozhkova /

Photo credit: Natalya Rozhkova /

Escape rooms usually involve you being locked up in a room for 1 hour where you are forced to solve the puzzles and mysteries to get out. Exodus escape room game is a lot of fun and a much better way to spend your 1 hour. If you wish to become a guru in flight room, this article provides escape room tips that will surely help you escape before time runs out. Read on for more!


Work as a team

This is a usual advice, and we have been hearing of it ever since street soccer. But it is good advice. Escape games usually strive to pull a fast one on you by scattering puzzle parts throughout the room. Therefore, working together is not sticking to a single clue. If a team member finds a clue, and then everyone turns to him/her, that team is bound to fail. Work as a team but in various parts of the room.


Have a plan

A single strategy may not function at all times. Before diving into a puzzle, it is always good to think of the bigger picture of the trick. Instead of concentrating on a mystery, it is good to have a plan and come up with a good strategy on the best way to approach the riddle in the best way possible to get to a quick solution. Without a plan, a ream’s successes chances are very slim.


Work fast at the beginning

60 minutes in an escape room seems like a lot of time, and that feel of security encourages you to dawdle at the beginning. That is probably the biggest threat to the team. That is because, by the time you realize the danger you are in, it is way too late with numerous unsolved clues. When you have enough time, it will be easier as you will think fast and solve the remaining clue in five minutes. That is why the real sense of urgency is crucial.


Look for patterns

To be able to solve a puzzle, you need to find patterns or clues within the puzzle. Instead of concentrating on complicated steps, it would be better to find a pattern to follow. By analyzing the different aspects of the blueprint and the mystery, you will now be able to see clearly see way puzzle pieces interact, and you will be several steps closer to the solution.


Verbalize what you see

At the preliminary stage of solving the mystery, the more you shout what you find, the more you feed information to the hive mind. This way everyone will be thinking from the same pool of knowledge. If not, you will be more likely to find yourself in a situation where you are staring at the key while your partners are staring at the lock.


As the saying goes, time waits for no man. That is why you need to make good use of the above escape room tips to help you get out of that room in a few minutes. That is because they are the best tips for success for both novices and experts. All the best!


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