Can Problem Solving Games Increase Your Intelligence?

Can Problem Solving Games Increase Your Intelligence?

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From the perspective of a conventional grown up, games may be considered a fun but ultimately a waste of time. However, in addition to just a fun activity, games are used for healthy and intellectual purposes. Games, regardless of what type, more often than not provide a unique and engaging environment that train players to think quickly and resourcefully. It engages a person’s competitive side and encourages him or her to outsmart their opponent.

Games facilitate different learning technics and tap into unique levels of cognitive thinking and problem-solving. By actively participating in a problem solving game, it has been shown to better harness one’s cognitive capabilities to shape the brain in a variety of powerful ways. Problem solving games have proven to improve mental functioning and strengthen one’s intelligence. These type of games strengthen your ability to define the problem, evaluate its situation, process and explore alternative ideas, and ultimately solve the problem at hand.

Here are a few advantages of actively participating in problem solving games and engaging your brain:

  • Define the problem
  • Create ideas and alternatives to solve the problem
  • Increase your ability to strategically plan
  • Help you think outside of the box
  • Heighten your attention to detail
  • Influence your behavior
  • Effectively communicate with others
  • Reach a solution

Exodus Escape Room provides a wide array of problem solving games that allow you participate in real life adventures. The goal is simple – you are locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to work together with other players, crack codes, solve clues, and strategically use your mind to escape the room.


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