Message From Our Owners

As one of the industry’s earliest movers (opening in 2014) we are often watched, and even contacted, by fans, those in the industry, other owners, etc.  Since so many have reached out to us in one capacity or another, we thought we would take a moment to address you all. 

First and foremost, to our clients that keep us employed and help us feed our families:  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for choosing Exodus. It is no longer 2014 with the nearest competitor an hour away.  We know you have choices and we are so very appreciative that you chose us!  You are who we come to work for, day after day, year after year.  You and your family, coworkers, and friends, are who we love to serve.  

Some of you families, since you are already together daily, have come to support us and booked an experience.  We are especially thankful for you as there has been more negativity in the world than usual, and your laughs, hi-fives, and cheers of joy bring happiness to our day.

Some of you have supported us by purchasing the Online Escape (from home.)  Some of you have supported us by purchasing Gift Cards to be used this holiday season.  To all of you, please know that each and every one of our team members appreciates you and your patronage!

Next, to those working in the industry: managers, employees, and game-designers, please know that owners are not in an easy position.  Whether they have chosen to close or to remain open, they are operating under constantly changing conditions.  Be it state, county, city, fire, insurance, landlord, or even you and your co-workers’ wants and needs, your owners are juggling possibly more than they ever have in their business careers.  Give them grace.  If your location is one that has sadly closed permanently, you can always send us a resume and we’ll see if there is a way to possibly help.

To fellow owners, and/or aspiring owners, please know that we feel your pain.  We absolutely believe the recovery is around the corner.  How long is the corner?  Well that’s the question.  To those who have run your numbers and cannot last much longer, reach out to us.  We are not made of money, but we have been able to buy other locations even when it seemed unlikely.  We have also been able to help other locations by simply offering some insight in areas they were less experienced with.  To those that have not run your numbers, know your cash burn, and exactly how long you can last…then we recommend you do this now.  Sold-Out weekends are not very likely to return soon.  

We are all trying to survive the storm, so hang in there.  Brighter days lie ahead.  We wish you all the best and look forward to serving you! 


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