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Dear Exodus Fans, Friends, and Family:

As you all know, businesses around the country are hurting right now.  In fact, yet another neighbor of our Anaheim Hills store just closed permanently.  This marks 3 just in our one little commercial center.  Sadly, Exodus is not immune to this, we are hurting too.

Do you know what industry has received the most “Fan Support” during this mess?  I have a pretty strong guess!  I have stood by and watched as the restaurant industry received a mountain of help, as #ShopLocal & #ShopSmall movements really picked up steam.  I know this from first hand experience because my family also owns a Sandwich Shop.  I watched as the store neared closure, and then it all started with one post, then another, then a waterfall of positive comments and love.  Regulars and locals came out of the wood-works and swarmed the store for their favorite Hoagie.  Folks did not want to see their childhood memories fade away if this 40 year old business closed.  I personally manned the cash register to help and was accepting hundred dollar bills for a sandwich, chips, and a slushy.  I tried hard to give them their change, but they did not want it!

Now let me be clear, Exodus is not on the brink of closure and clearly we do not serve sandwiches and shakes.  However, Exodus does make memories!  Do you have a memory of an exhilarating last second escape?  Perhaps a memory of your family working together, as a team, like you haven’t seen in years or maybe ever?  I share this story because the entertainment industry serves some of the best memories.  Yet, while eateries are getting some love (after all, we still need to eat), escape rooms continue to struggle.

Therefore, if you have supported your local eatery, Instacart, or Uber-Eats…or even if you have not…please consider supporting your local and favorite entertainment venue!  Yes, of course, we’d love, and be very grateful, if you supported your local Exodus!  Even if we are not your favorite experience, perhaps you can support your local Improv or Harbor Cruise.  I can tell you from first hand experience, they are in uneasy and uncharted waters and would be most very grateful for your booking or gift certificate support.

Chad McLain
Exodus Escape Room

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