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Frank’s Secret Hub For Information Collected

If you have gotten this far then you have shown that you are not a SHEEPLE. I may not be the sharpest bulb in the bunch but something is WRONG with these Exodus people. What do they even do?! I worked on a elevator that didn’t even move! Their submarine? Ha! Doesn’t even go underwater! AND WHY ARE YOU IMPERSONATING A BANK?! I’m positive its against the law somewhere. They just lock people in a room…for an hour and then they get all excited when they leave?! I don’t get it! Something fishy is going on here. And if you are on my side, you need to infiltrate this establishment. Tell me what exactly they are up to. I’ve been desperately trying to contact these other people that have seen their lives RUINED by this place…I’ve got leads on a Mr. Manin from a place called Masquerade Manor, but he hasn’t returned my calls. Good luck…were both gonna need it…

I’ve compiled a list of all the rooms I’ve ever serviced for them, along with all the information I have on them. You must figure out what I can’t.  There is also vital information you won’t be able to proceed without.  When the timer runs out, I will give it to you.

-Frank Robinson

Time Until Final Information is Revealed


The wait is over!

Part 1
part 2

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Trap Room