Consent Form

Terms and Condition

I fully understand and acknowledge that my participation is entirely voluntary and that I may choose to terminate the experience for myself and leave at any time. Additionally, I acknowledge that Exodus provides an “Escape Experience” that is designed for team-building/team-work, puzzle solving, clue hunting, and fun. I also acknowledge that no results or guarantees are made or implied by Exodus, and that the experience is dependent upon my participation.

I understand that due to marketing and creating an experience of excitement and suspense, that I will be “locked” in a room for up to 60 minutes. However, I also understand that I have the right to leave whenever I please.

I further agree to follow the rules as outlined in writing or by Exodus staff, and I agree to pay for the replacement cost of any props, furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc., if broken or deemed useless as a result of my actions.

I agree, and allow Exodus Escape Room to use my name and likeness, picture and/or video. This may be used for marketing purposes, posting a photo on Exodus social media and/or website, and/or other business/marketing related desires of Exodus Escape Room.

By clicking below you agree to the terms and conditions of Exodus Escape Room, located at 5642 E. La Palma Ave #202, Anaheim, CA 92807, as set forth and communicated to me both in writing and verbally.

-Exodus Escape Room