This escape room was awesome!! We did both the Masquerade and Sherlock's Study tonight! I've done quite a feSUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE!!!! I totally recommend it. It was a fun way to have a team building exercise with communication, and problem solving. Highly recommended. Also, great customer service and super friendly. Made the whole experience really fun. Would definitely come back and do it again!

    thumb Lisa H.

      Booked a birthday party here and while it wasn't my first escape room it was my first time at this location, and I was certainly impressed. We were helped by Connor whose customer service was nothing short of fantastic. After escaping the first room my party loved it so much they wanted to go for a second round. Connor did his best to accommodate us and sure enough we were in for another exciting game of puzzle solving. The rooms were challenging and witty enough to get the brain juices flowing. Rooms were very well done with immersive decor, and puzzles. We easily enjoyed ourselves. I can definitely recommend this place to any of you escape room lovers.

    thumb Nathan L.

      This was the third escape room my family and I have done. We invited relatives to join us in this adventure doing the Sherlock Study. It was great fun for the 9 of us, as each person had something to contribute in solving each clue, and there were a lot of clues to make it fun and challenging. This is one of our favorite escape rooms !

    thumb Edgar L.
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Can you solve the clues before time runs out?

Crack codes, solve puzzles, find clues and escape the room in less than 60 minutes. The clock is ticking…..Go!


Beat the clock to turn the lock! Exodus Escape Room is a real life
adventure game where you are locked in a room. The goal is simple – you have 60 minutes to work together with other players, crack codes and solve ciphers to escape.

Spend one action-packed hour at Exodus Escape Room. Work on puzzles, solve clues and work in a team to escape. The real life adventure game has been designed for small groups of 2-14 people and each game has a different number of allowable players.

A tip? Explore your surroundings, be observant and rely on your critical thinking skills to escape.

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