Sherlock’s Study

Recommended for 2-8 (Private Parties up to 10)

Do you have the detective prowess of Sherlock Holmes to escape the room? Sherlock Holmes was famous for his investigative skills. What appears to others as chaos, however, is to Holmes a wealth of useful information. Join forces with Holmes to bring down a fierce adversary who threatens all of London.

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One comment on “Sherlock’s Study
  1. K Jeffrey says:

    Failed miserably in the Sherlock Holmes room today, but have never had so much fun failing. No Spoilers, but while it didn’t look anything like I thought it would, the vibe of the room changes the moment you find a clue. You go in thinking “I’ve got this”. Then quickly realize that you so don’t “got this” hahaha I’m glad I found Exodus Escape Room, and am looking to plan another visit for my Birthday in a few weeks. I’m coming for The Trap Room!

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